About Infinite Soldier

∞ Our Mission ∞∞ 

Spread awareness that

'Everything Is Possible'

when we keep our words

and thoughts positive 


∞ Infinite Soldier is a motivational music artist and brand whose main theme is the infinity symbol. We are passionate about our message that Everything Is Possible when we keep our words and thoughts positive. Our ammunition is our innovative music, apparel, a collection of growing hand handmade and hand painted motivational canvas art. 

Join our mission and become a Positive Word Infinite Soldier by being aware of what you say and what you think and help us spread the word.  

∞ Changing the world one word and one mind at a time ∞  

Downloaded Infinite Soldier's music for FREE with any purchase of any of our infinity symbol inspired t-shirts, art or jewelry. 

The Infinite Soldier Experience 

To our worldwide followers and fans, we offer:

  • Trendy and comfortable Infinity symbol inspired women's and men's graphic tees, original T-shirts, tank tops, long sleeve t-shirts, yoga clothing and more.
  • A growing collection of motivational mounted canvas prints and other handmade canvas poster art. With a passion for the infinity symbol, all of our art pieces and motivational posters include the infinity symbol.
  • An eclectic Infinite Soldier music experience which showcases original music with a positive message to thousands of inspired Infinite Soldiers around the globe.
  • Unique Infinite Soldier gear featuring infinity symbol jewelry and accessories such as: Infinity symbol necklaces, bracelets, rings, jewelry sets, and body jewelry as well as corresponding yoga apparel and much more.

Originally created by founder, Ike Thaler, the Infinite Soldier Experience embarks on a new genre of music which blends positive spoken word and powerful female singers, with an eclectic fusion of music ranging from EDM, Trip Hop, POP, Rock and Classical.

Providing this positive message to 500 million people worldwide.