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Step into the positive and hypnotic world of the Infinite Soldier. A world of dreams, imagination and faith! Where Everything Is Possible with awareness of our words and thoughts that we concentrate on. Your mission is to live in the moment, embrace the present and your surroundings. In this dreamy, radio friendly song, rock guitars get threaded into the dance edged sounds. Two levels of vocals, the emotive female lead and the hypnotic positive spoken word blend to create new theatre of lyrical architecture. Urban beats and lyrical layers blend to promote a deeper and more meditative message. The fusion of drifting ambience, restraint and smoky resonance takes us away from the realms of the straight melodic punch and into the realms of futuristic dream-pop.

Lyrics By: Infinite Soldier / Ike Thaler
Engineered By: Mario V. Productions
Female Vocals: Krystal Hawes 
Produced By Ike Thaler

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